My passion for animals started at a young age.  When only 15 months old my parents worked on a Dude Ranch in Idaho USA, where I had the opportunity to ride Mickey, the Shetland pony, from that day I was hooked!  


We then moved to Nottinghamshire, UK, and at the age of 11 my parents bought me my first pony, my beloved Benji, a New Forrest X, who was a bit round and very cheeky! We moved to a lovely little cottage with a paddock and my world became perfect.


I spent all my weekends and holidays with Benji, grooming him, jumping, going on picnic rides, endurance competitions, swimming in the lake, teaching him tricks and hours upon hours photographing him, I think he genuinely enjoys 'posing' for the camera!


Several years ago a very kind family friend, and one I am forever grateful to, gave me a Nikon D3 camera, which they no longer used.  I bought myself two great lenses and I was away!  I love the camera, and the quality of the images it produces are amazing. 


I then began studying A Level photography at the Southwell minster school (all my projects based on Benji of course, much to my teachers annoyance!).


After completing my A Levels I decided to start up my own business, 2 years later and my passion for horses and photography has now become my career.

About Me